Quick Stories from Book 04.

As I said, I plan to share almost every composition I have prepared during my time at BRASAS English Course.

Hope you enjoy it!

I grew up in Taquara, Rio de Janeiro. I live here since I was born. I actually moved to Vaz Lobo once when I was seven. My parents and I lived there for over five years. Back then, I returned to my grandma’s house here in Taquara with my mother. Since my grandma died in 2011, and my one of my sisters left and went living with her boyfriend in 2013, there are five people in my household. I used to work as administrative assistant, but I’m about to change everything and start again as a chemist. I hope everything will be ok.

If I won the lottery, I’d buy many things for my mother & I. First of all, I’d like to buy a huge house and a great car for her, pay all of our debts and definitely a MacBook for myself, the most expensive model for sure. We’d probably move to Barra da Tijuca, Freguesia or even stay in Taquara, but definitely move to Rodrigues Caldas Road. Mansions there are literally the best ones in this neighborhood. I’d also invest some money in public securities. I took a test and I’m a conservative kind of investor. Not much for taking risks.

Not only that, if I won the lottery, I’d look like Anitta in terms of making more and more money. I mean, she’s one of the most successful Brazilian entrepreneurs nowadays. I’d probably be like some of these instagrammers or digital influencers. I can almost feel it happening! Of course, I wouldn’t have to work anymore. I mean, there’s no problem with working, but dealing with people sucks. I can’t stand that. I’d probably have to study ways of getting people’s attention and all sort of things influencers might do to sell their products, though.

Tria. January 24th, 2019.

Leo, Bertha and Nath had an awful accident last weekend. They were coming back from Petropolis. They were in the very middle of the mountain range when someone else’s car cut them off.

Leo cut his forehead, Bertha sprained her left wrist when she tried to avoid being thrown out of the car and Nath, who was at the back, didn’t get hurt.

Suffering from the pain the wrist, Bertha started screaming that it was totally Leo’s fault. On the other hand, Leo defended himself saying that it was the other dude’s fault. Nath restricted herself to say that she’s never been in a car accident before and that she’d have already helped Bertha if she had known the basics of nursery.

Leo said to Nath that he’s never been the responsible for an accident either. Nath felt an awkward feeling of supporting the guy she’s once dated and almost died for. She’s known by being a fool girl who hooks up her exes over and over again whenever she’s feeling lonely.

Although Bertha’s been pretending she hadn’t noticed the way Nath looks at Leo, she decided to act as a needy person and told Leo she was feeling much more pain than she actually was. Nath’s already been aware of all sorts of things Bertha would normally do for getting others’ attention, so she’s considered ending their friendship several times. She was thinking about that again.

It’s started raining sometime after the car accident and they haven’t been able to find phone signal since then. Fortunately, a family, who was going by, noticed that something had happened to them. The couple stopped and helped them. Leo somehow managed to destroy an engine and the driver explained Leo that that might be the engine which would have been blocking him to drive.

After Leo started the car, they’ve all come to realize that the helper’s supposition was the right one. Leo thanked the man for helping them and, together, they both started driving back to Rio de Janeiro.

Leo and Nath didn’t seem to have noticed that Bertha’s pain in the wrist had already gone. Leo wasn’t the only one considering leaving Bertha for her actions. He’s had enough of her behavior.

Tria. March 18th, 2019.



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Tria is currently 26 years old. They are studying Chemical Engineering and have just joined their country’s Navy forces. 🇧🇷 & 🇺🇸