The addicting habit of searching for random things in English — from astrology to chemistry!

Have you ever become addicted to searching for things in English?

I’ve been following English teachers and coaches, and quite a few of them say the same thing: if you want to get fluent, you have to expose yourself to the language, you need to be in touch with it as much as possible, you must watch, listen and read a bunch of English content, etc.

I guess I got this way too seriously. I got it to the point that, whenever I need to look up for something, I search for it in English. It seems way more practical. I feel like I’m saving precious time and being more productive! Of course, I don’t do this all the time because some things are difficult for me to understand even in my native language.

I’m a chemistry student and an astrology enthusiast, so I search for these subjects a lot.

When it comes to chemistry, it almost feels like a joke how much good content can be found in international literature. There’s plenty of information I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t searched for it in English. Even the way some texts are structured seems to be way easier to read.

That’s kind of what I want for life: being able to achieve an amount of information others normally would not just by understanding multiple languages. (pointless, messy and over-the-top).

Tria. February 27th, 2019.

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Tria is currently 26 years old. They are studying Chemical Engineering and have just joined their country’s Navy forces. 🇧🇷 & 🇺🇸